Used by Certified Hand Therapist, Occupational Therapist, and Physical Therapist

Some Useful Therapy Examples:

Pickup and Hold:  prehension, manipulation, coordination, and grasp

Gross Grasp:  pick up as many as possible

Pick Up One at a Time: (thumb and each finger separately), graded opposition.

Good for exercise (ring and little finger) or functional (index and middle). healthcare


Beautiful Translucent Acrylic Beads

37 beads in three different sizes

30mm (~ 1.25")

25mm (~ 1.0")

18mm (~ 5/8")

Includes 11 beads without holes for putty rehabilitation exercises translucent beads


Beautiful Translucent Beads for Hand Therapy or Craft Projects

These are the Best Beads for creating beautiful craft projects translucent beads


Rolyan Pinch Clips

Barrett Productions, LLC designed the Rolyan Pinch Clips with a receptive well to work with the Agility Beads.  The largest Beads force the user to compress the Rolyan Pinch Clips at full tension.  Sold exclusively by Performance Health


Therapy Tongs

The Patented Resistive Therapy Tongs are designed by Barrett Productions, LLC to be used with the Agility Beads to allow Users to increase motor skills and increase hand strength

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